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Low Impact, High Results

Stay Fit is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness as well as muscular strength and endurance while increasing range of motion and flexibility. This self-paced class is suitable for all fitness levels with the added benefit of being low-impact and gentle on the joints. A variety of equipment will be utilized to keep progressing your workout.  


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Stay Fit Triangle


"Stay Fit class is awesome for all age groups. Tammi always mixes it up and shows multiple levels of intensity for each exercise. My favorite class at the Y!” 

“Stay Fit is my MUST DO class because it’s always a go-at-your-own-pace class and Tammi keeps things fun!” 

“Never the same thing twice. Do it!”




Enjoys paddleboarding, exploring the lakes, and road-tripping with her husband.


"When you come to Stay Fit you are part of a family. All my participants are so welcoming and inspiring to new members in class! Everyone is on their own personal wellness journeys, and there is never pressure to be like the person next to you.


The energy the group creates in Stay Fit is unlike any other, and our members are the reason I enjoy teaching group fitness so much. It is the highlight of my day!"