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What is Chair Yoga?

This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting on a chair or using a chair for support during standing poses. Chair yoga increases flexibility, lung capacity, circulation, and strength while improving balance and relieving stress. The class incorporates breathing exercises, stretching, yoga postures, and relaxation.


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Chair Yoga Instructor


Shauna lives in Osakis with her husband and 3 children, Her hobbies include gardening, flower arranging, pottery and being outdoors with the family, cooking together, and of course yoga!


"My favorite thing about group fitness is when the participants start to focus on themselves and their breath. You start to see shoulders drop and a deeper, more relaxed breath and they find their own still spot amongst the group."


"It was good to have different postures of yoga that I don't have to be on the floor to achieve.

-Chair Yoga Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I need to be to do Chair Yoga?

This class is for ALL fitness levels, but it is especially great for beginners!

How Often should I do chair yoga?

This class is great to incorporate at least once a week into your exercise schedule.

I'm pregnant. Can I still do chair yoga?

Yes. This is a safe class for expecting moms.

What should I bring to the workout?

Comfortable clothing, athletic shoes, and a water bottle.