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Douglas County will begin construction on a roundabout at the intersection of CR 82, Karl Drive & CR 45 between Monday, May 22 and Monday, May 29. Construction is estimated to be completed on Wednesday, August 16. We expect that YMCA and YMCA child care operations will continue as scheduled all summer.

In addition, the County is constructing a roundabout at the intersections of CSAH 45 & CASH 46, and TH 27 and I-94.

YMCA members, program participants, guests and child care families coming FROM Alexandria will use the temporary road access to the YMCA (that will run parallel with CR 82). There will be signage on CR 82 directing traffic to use the temporary road. 

YMCA members, program participants, guests, and child care families coming INTO Alexandria on CR 82 from the West will follow the detour route south on Latoka Drive, across CR 45 to Fairgrounds Road, and back to CR 82, then East to the YMCA’s temporary road. 

All of those points will be four-way stops with signage directing traffic to the YMCA.  Patrons coming from west of Garfield are encouraged to take CR 22 to Alexandria. 

Detour Map